Movie Night with Lilo and Stitch!

Movie Night with Lilo and Stitch

Movie Night with Lilo and Stitch

Here are some ideas for a great Movie night with Lilo and Stitch:

Hawaiian Decor

Hawaiian Decor

– Decorate your house with a Hawaiian theme ( Leis, Tiki masks, Grass banners, lanterns) Most of your Hawaiian themed goods can be found at your local Dollar store, 99cent store or Dollar General in the spring and summer!

– Decorate yourself  with a grass skirt, lei, and flower in your hair or for guys a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts.

– Make a luau (Hawaiian feast or party)  You can Hula dance, or Hula hoop…and then lay out your feast buffet style on the table.

-Serve pulled pork sandwiches, with chips and a pineapple cake for dessert! Or if you don’t want to cook grab a Hawaiian style pizza! Drink your drinks out of coconut shells!

and finally

– Plop down on the couch with the kiddos get cozy and watch Lilo and Stitch!

Hawaiian Pizza Yum

Hawaiian Pizza Yum



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