Cars, Coloring, and Cookies Oh my!

ImageSitting here with my crew trying to figure out what to do to entertain them for a couple of hours while I write a blog post, do dishes, laundry, and pick up the living room…Then it hit me…I have a few Play Packs that I got at the Dollar General for 30 cents and they can watch Cars 2 while coloring! In case you don’t know what Play Packs are you are about to find out!

ImagePlay Packs are little foil packs with a small coloring book, 4 crayons (primary colors), and a sheet of stickers! They are great for an afternoon in, or in the car or on a plane! So now as I type my kiddos are coloring cars coloring sheets, and watching Mater eat wasabi!


Squirt got tired of coloring and just started putting stickers everywhere even on himself! Typical boy he’s already bored with coloring and is dancing to the music! Now he’s driving the toys cars around on the back of the couch lol.


Belle of course being a perfectionist is meticulously coloring every inch of the first page before moving onto the next…She will put the stickers on after she is all done with the whole book!

So if you are looking for a afternoon of Disney fun pick up a coloring book and some stickers and put on a show!

Oh ya and because the kids are so busy entertaining themselves I get to make Cookies!!!


Chocolate Chip Flynn’s (My hubs) favorite! Yum yum! We didn’t  have any cars shaped cookie cutters so I make Mickey cookies instead!

I hope you have a Magical Day!



4 thoughts on “Cars, Coloring, and Cookies Oh my!

  1. I still haven’t mastered the trick to getting perfectly baked cookies! They are always either not done enough or just a little overcooked on the bottom – more reason to just eat the cookie dough I say. 🙂

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