Fun Disney souvenir using park maps!

The finished product

The finished product

First of let me tell you this isn’t my best work!

I will be doing another soon and hopefully it will be better 🙂

Second the picture was taken on my honeymoon 7 years ago with a disposable camera because we didn’t have a digital yet!

Third the map behind is a current map because I didn’t have one from 2006 lol….Shhhhh…Let it be our secret!

Alright on to the project since that is why you are on here….right?

Blog craft collage

First you grab your supplies

-A old picture frame

-Park Map





-Photo from your Disney Vacation

Then you trace the sheet that comes with the frame on the map and cut it out. You are left with the map the size of the frame! Then you cut around the people in the picture so that when you place it on the map you can still see the picture in the background.

Like this!


Next you place the finished photo in the frame.. Easy Peasy!

After you have it in the frame and the frame sealed up you put a fun chipboard sticker on the outside of the frame with super glue. Or if you have a plain wooden  frame you could paint it red with white polka dots for a picture of Minnie and you. Or you could paint it red, white, black, and yellow stripes for a picture of you and Mickey. Let your creativity take anywhere when working on this! Just do whatever you think looks best! The finished product should look something like this! 🙂

The finished product

The finished product

I’ll be doing another in the next couple of weeks and I’ll do another post then 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Have a fantastic week!



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