A Disney Halloween!

So Halloween 2013 has come and gone… It’s time to get rev’d up for the Christmas season!  I love the time between October 21st- Jan 4th is such a fun and magical time! Time with family, good food, and so much fun decorating! So back to Halloween! I thought I’d share a pic from this evening with you!

We made Grandma’s house our first visit and then while driving we saw an entire family dressed as Star Wars characters! They were a very large group and covered almost all the main characters from the 3 original movies! It was pretty impressive.

Then we finished the night with $3 Booritos from Chipotle Mexican Grill!! We had to end the night early because Belle had a spelling test the next day. Check out who we ran into at Chipotle, it’s Elastigirl!! I thought this lady’s costume was so well done I asked her if I could snap a picture and post it on the blog. She told me that the costume is homemade!! She was super friendly and talked with Belle for a minute while we waited in line. Belle told her she loved her Incredibles costume and she smiled and replied “Well you make a pretty cute Minnie Mouse!” It’s nice when people take the time to have simple conversations with children makes me happy! 🙂



All in all it was a pretty good day! Made even better because I got to spend it with my three favorite people! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! What did you or your crew dress as?

Have a great Weekend! -Chelsea


8 thoughts on “A Disney Halloween!

  1. Great costumes! I’m always impressed by people who do costumes well, so it was fun to see these pictures. Thank you for sharing them, and for sharing your fun family night, with us.

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