Monsters University Movie Night!

I had quite a few request for another movie night! So here goes..Last night we had a movie night and we watched Monsters University!


We started off with a monster sized dinner-

Image Image

Let me start by saying there were a whole lot of leftovers! The Sulley Horns aka bananas aren’t pictured but Belle and Squirt enjoyed them with their dinners!

After dinner we had fun coloring!


You could also make Monster masks out of construction paper!

I wanted to create our own pennant flags but ran out of time to gather the supplies.


Belle and Squirt loved the movie as they haven’t seen it since it was in theaters and I had forgotten how funny it was!

Next week we’ll be doing another movie night, and I’m trying to decide between a Mardi Gras/ Princess and the Frog themed one or a Wreck it Ralph one! Would love to know what movie’s you’d like me to do!

Until next time- Have a Pixie Dust Filled Day! Also Thank you very much for all the pixies and prayers with the loss of my Grandmother! I really appreciate all the love and support my amazing Disney Friends have given me!



12 thoughts on “Monsters University Movie Night!

  1. This sounds so fun! We just threw my sister a Monster’s Inc Baby Shower and this totally reminds me of that! What an adorable idea!

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