Frozen Movie Night!

I promised you all a Frozen Movie Night ages ago and I had every intention of posting sooner…. but… phone fried and I lost all my pics from this movie night….

I was however able to salvage one picture that I sent to my email before I lost the phone…

Here is the pic of the amazingly easy Frozen dinner I made! 😉


I set the table with a simple, cheap, blue table cloth from party city then sprinkled it with colorful snowflake confetti, & added Frozen themed paper plates & napkins.

After getting that all set up I filled blue solo cups with ice and blue Hawaiian Punch, but you could use Kool-aid! Then I added the finishing touches with Belle’s Frozen character toys..

Our yummy menu-

Frozen Menu
Olaf’s Noses & Snowy Ranch
Sven’s Antlers (Pretzels)
Elsa’s Snowflake Sandwiches
Kristoff’s Icy Blue Punch
Anna’s Sweet Blue Cupcakes

This was probably the easiest menu I’ve ever done! Snowflake sandwiches are a blast to make with the kiddies!

Here’s how-

Make a turkey, Swiss (or other white cheese), & mayo sandwich and use a snowflake cookie cutter to cut it into a snowflake shape! See easy peasy!

After we ate dinner we make snowy popcorn…

FROZEN Confetti Popcorn

A salty sweet popcorn snack/treat
1 large bag Butter Microwave popcorn popped
6 oz blue Candy Melts
Various sprinkles of your choice I used blue and white to keep with the FROZEN theme.
Place popped popcorn in large bowl.
Melt candy melts in a microwave proof bowl until melted (in 20 second intervals stirring in between).
Carefully pour melted candy over popcorn and stir to coat popcorn. Spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sprinkles. Let candy harden and break into pieces!! Enjoy!!

PRecipe from

Then after all the yummy food was either enjoyed or ready to be gobbled up we plopped down in the couch, and watched one of my favorite Disney movies!

I love this flick because it’s more than just your traditional girl meets guy and they fall madly in love movie. I also love the comedic relief Olaf brings, and how could we forget those songs!! Amazing!
Do you have Frozen fever? Are your kids as crazy about this movie as mine are?

After the movie we got out the Frozen story book and read before tucking Squirt & Belle in to dream about icy palaces!

I hope this gives you a nice idea of what you can do for your next Frozen Movie Night!!

Brave Movie Night coming in the next few weeks!!

Have a Magical Day!!



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