Magic is…..

Chelsea here…..

I’m going to start a Magic is Weekly blog post! This will be a week of pictures or blurbs with a bit of Disney magic combined with my life! Hope you enjoy!

Magic is..
Hidden Mickeys in the Tomato garden!

Magic is….

Two of my favorite things, Disney Vera Bradley & Starbucks Frappucinos!


My Disney Ducks on our Urban homestead! Front and center is Jocelyn, & Jack Jack trying to fly, but realizing he can’t… In the back is Violet, Fix it Felix, Jessie, Blue, & Irene!

Magic is….

Finding Mickey in the pepper garden that some little Mouskateer left behind after watering.

It’s being silly dressing up like two of your favorite characters!! Meet Sulley-Hulk!! Squirt loves dress up!

If you look Magic is everywhere, you just have to take a second to enjoy the pixies hidden through out your day!

Hope you have a magical week!

See ya real soon!


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