Magic is…… Take 2

I was planning to make the Magic is post a weekly thing. However i think it’ll be easier if it’s a every two week post 🙂

So onto the magic…..

I celebrated my birthday almost a week ago. We went to the drive in and saw Planes, Million Dollar Arm, & Maleificent! All fantastic movies! Let me know if you want my review on any of these movies!!

When I picked up the mail that day I received an amazing package from my friend Stacy!

My first Magic is picture is my goodies from Stacy!

Two lovely pendants!! One to represent my blog and the other to represent “letting it all go!” I find the Let it Go charm just reminds me to not stress over every little thing!

Stacy’s jewelry is amazingly adorable & meaningful!! She puts her heart into everything she makes!! Go check her stuff out!! (Link to her store at the bottom of this post.)

Magic is finding Mickey in unexpected places….

Like the head of this adorable dragonfly necklace!


Or this cute bath toy!


Or in my morning coffee & a fun book to read to the kiddos!


Magic is in finding great finds at the store! I love shopping for Disney items! When I wear a Disney shirt or earrings or I buy a Disney movie it helps me keep the magic close!

Found some great Disney DVD’s at Target!


I bought these adorable earrings for our upcoming trip!! Picked them up for $18 at Kohls!! They had amazing deals on Disney jewelry!!


Hope you enjoyed this post about Disney finds and magic!

Remember Magic is all around us if we just stop to look!!

Please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or by email to share your Disney magic with me!! I love to see what amazing Disney finds you see!!

Have a Pixie filled week and I’ll see you real soon!!


My pendants from C & S designs!
Link to store:


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