Wow it’s been awhile…..

I’m sorry for the major delay in posts on this blog, I’ve just been so crazy busy all summer.

I just wanted to give you a quick update….

This summer we saw a couple amazing movies, celebrated my birthday, I learned basic cake decorating, and we ordered a new video game! Not super eventful, but we had fun!

We saw Inside Out, & Ant Man!

Inside Out was fantastic! In my opinion one of the best Disney/Pixar movies! I didn’t love it at first and it really has warmed up to me! Wasn’t the short at the beginning just fabulous!

Check out these awesome fantasy pins my friends sent me for my inside out collection!


Ant Man was hilarious and quirky! It was a fun super hero movie and Paul Rudd did a fantastic job! Did you see it yet?

To to celebrate my birthday I had an amazing cake made by my friend Kristal!

Her page on FB is Panda Cakes by Kristal.


Isn’t that amazing!

I’ve also been learning the basics of cake decorating and made this Hippie Mickey cake!


It was a blast to decorate and I had so much fun making little Mickey heads and flowers!

Do you have any Disney games, toys, or movies you are excited for?

My family is anxiously awaiting the new Disney Infinity 3.0! We are huge Star Wars fans and just ordered this!


Do you play Disney Infinity? Who is your fave character?

Then a most recent development has me mostly stuck in bed this week with ice on my tendon. Not sure why but my  achilles tendon has a lump on it and hurts when I put weight on it and walk.


Ouch! So I’ve been staying in bed with ice on it and trying to let it heal. Hopefully I can use this time to do more regular posts.

So that’s been my summer, what have you been up to?

I hope you have a Magical Tuesday & a fantastic rest of your week!

°o° -Chelsea


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