My Interview with Producer/Writer of Walt Before Mickey: Arthur L. Bernstein By: Chelsea Pulver


Walt Before Mickey is a movie based on a book of the same name by Timothy S. Susanin. It’s the only movie approved by the Disney family and even has a forward by Walt’s daughter Diane Disney Miller! It tells the story of Walter (Walt) Elias Disney’s Early Years, 1919-1928, from his days in Kansas City, MO, at Laugh-O-Gram Studios to Los Angeles, CA, and Disney Brothers Studios, now known as Walt Disney Studios or the Walt Disney Company. The tentative release date is April 18 or 19, 2015.

Walt Before Mickey is directed by Khoa Le, was produced and written by Armando Gutierrez and Arthur L. Bernstein, and has a pretty stellar cast for being a low-budget independent film. Some of the cast includes Thomas Ian Nicolas (American Pie) as Walt, John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) as Roy Disney, David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place) as Rudy Ising, and Jodie Sweetin (Full House) as Charlotte Disney!
I started this interview by telling Arthur that I had a laundry list of fan questions for him, and after two long, late-night conversations, this is what he had to say.


C: How many months did this movie take to shoot?

Arthur: 18 days! It took from December 17 till December 23, 2014. Then we took a break, had a conference, and when we came back to finish the remaining 11 days, we came back with a new director and a new direction for the movie. Shooting resumed January 18, 2015.

C: Where was the movie filmed?

Arthur: We filmed the movie in Deland and Sanford, FL, and actually put the actors in an allegedly haunted hotel called the Artisan Inn! (Side Note: I didn’t ask if any ghosts were seen.)

C: Will this be a family friendly movie? I know Walt had a hard childhood.

Arthur: Yes! The whole family will love it! It’s definitely geared more toward older children and adults, but there are no curse words.

C: Were you a big Disney fan before this movie?

Arthur: Yes, of the man, a big fan of Walt! Not so much of the company. Walt was such an amazing man with so much to offer.

C: What was something new you learned about Walt that you didn’t know before doing this movie?

Arthur: Walt was the first to do live-action with animated characters. He wasn’t a very good business man, but became one with the help of his brother Roy! He was great at taking things apart and figuring out how they are made.

C: What made you decide to do this movie?

Arthur: No one had ever done a movie about Walt’s early years. We wanted to show the man behind all the magic! We want people to see that he is more than the movies and theme parks. He was a man who came from meager beginnings and truly lived the American Dream, and he built a kingdom from that dream.

Thomas Ian Nicholas as Walt Disney (Left) John Heder as Roy Disney (Right)

Thomas Ian Nicholas as Walt Disney (Left)
John Heder as Roy Disney (Right)

C: Let’s talk about the amazing cast you got for this project! Do you think Thomas Ian Nicholas did a good job portraying Walt?

Arthur: Thomas did a fantastic job. He was the last actor we hired. He got sick with a really bad cold and never took off work. He worked like a dog! He came prepared every day and even carried a copy of the book around and frequently read it so he could be as true to the character as possible. Thomas is going to really shine in this role.

Conor Dubin, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Flora Bonfanti, Frank Licari, Jon Heder, Alexander Leaty, and Arthur L. Bernstein on set of Walt Before Mickey

Conor Dubin, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Flora Bonfanti, Frank Licari, Jon Heder, Alexander Leaty, and Arthur L. Bernstein on set of Walt Before Mickey

C: What about John Heder? We are used to seeing him in comedy. Tell me more about him and his portrayal of Roy Disney?

Arthur: John did a great job portraying Roy, and he was perfect for this role! He was the first actor we hired for the film. John is a very low-key person, very family oriented, and very driven. He and Thomas randomly sat next to each other on the flight from California to Florida and bonded on the flight! By the time they landed, they were very good friends, which made shooting so much better!
C: You play Frank L. Newman in the film. What made you decide to play this particular character?

Arthur: I was originally going to play Charles Mintz, but we decided I resembled Newman the most out of our cast. He was the first to give Disney the opportunity to present his animation on the big screen through his theater and film studio Newman Laugh-O-Gram Films.
Arthur: Honestly, we had a fantastic cast! It was a pleasure to work with all these former child stars such as Jodie Sweetin, David Henrie, Ayla Kell, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Hunter Gomez, & Taylor Gray. There was a lot of synergy on set.

My wife and father have small roles. Armando (executive producer) and I are in it. It was truly a family affair and everyone did a great job!

Arthur L. Bernstein as Frank L. Newman

Arthur L. Bernstein as Frank L. Newman

C: I know I am looking forward to this movie, and to seeing the man who built a kingdom come to life! Thank you for your time, Arthur!

Here are 5 facts about Walt Before Mickey, the movie and its cast:
1. Both executive producers play small roles in the film.
2. Actor John Heder is into geocaching.
3. There are 8 child actors in the film.
4. The original title was The Dreamer, but then they got the rights to use the book title.
5. Diane Disney Miller was actively involved with the process until her death, and they are planning to dedicate the movie to her memory.

From left to right: Director Khoa Le, Actors Thomas Ian Nicholas, & John Heder, and Executive Producers Arthur L. Bernstein, & Armando Gutierrez.

From left to right:
Director Khoa Le, Actors Thomas Ian Nicholas, & John Heder, and Executive Producers Arthur L. Bernstein, & Armando Gutierrez.

Walt Before Mickey should release sometime in April 2015.
Here is a trailer for the film:

Visit the official site at:

Here are some set pictures that Arthur wanted me to share with you!


Associate Producer Max Nunziata with Karla Bernstein and Derek Packer


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Arthur and his Wife Karla

Arthur and his Wife Karla

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From left to right: Armando Gutierrez, Christian Vogeler, Arthur L. Bernstein, and Christoper Dosen

From left to right:
Armando Gutierrez, Christian Vogeler, Arthur L. Bernstein, and Christoper Dosen


Timothy Susanin & Diane Disney Miller

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Dining at Disneyland in Anaheim

When you come to Disneyland there are so many options to pick from ranging from the turkey leg to fried chicken, but like most amusement parks the prices tend to be pretty high. Here are a few tips to enjoy dining at Disneyland and get more “Bang for a buck”! These are my family’s favorite locations and some Helpful Tips!


1.       Try to dine with a pass holder. pass holders get a good discount on dining while at the park and can save you a lot of cash. Premium pass holders get 15% off the total bill so that will save you and everyone in your party a lot of money.

2.       Make reservations if at all possible! Disney in Anaheim now takes reservations online. This will be a HUGE time saver instead of waiting in the standby lines for hours. Below you will find the direct links on the Disney website where you can make the online reservations and a map of the location in Disneyland.

·         Thunder Ranch BBQ

Image– This is an all you can eat type place and offers all kinds of mouthwatering food from smoked sausage, corn on the cob, homemade cornbread, baked beans and more!

Pass holders can use their food discount here. You can make the reservations at . CLICK HERE to see the menu.

·         Blue Bayou Restaurant

Image– This is a cozy Cajun themed location with some awesome down south type cooking. This is also a fantastic place to have a romantic meal after a fun filled day at the park. Pass holders can use their food discount here. You can make the reservations at HERE to view the menu.

·         Plaza Inn

Image – Victorian type location with buffet style dining. Also if the buffet style isn’t for you the fried chicken, pot roast and Penne Pasta with Chicken, Pesto in Alfredo sauce is to die for! In the mornings you can have the “Character Breakfast” and dine with Mickey and friends. It’s a GREAT way to start your day at the park! You can make the reservations at HERE to view the menu.


Hope you enjoyed my first Disneyland post!


Disney Store in JC Penny!!


JC Penny now has an exclusive Disney section/store!! They will have adorable Disney merchandise similar to the Disney Store but for a little bit less dough 🙂 Are you jumping up and down yet?? They had a dress up section with many of your favorite characters like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel! As well as Anna from Frozen the new Disney animated feature coming out in November! For the boys in your life they had Buzz and Woody dress up! I’m sure more will come the area is brand new and unfinished now…



Pardon the slightly blurry second photo but my baby Squirt bumped into me while I took the pic.. 😀

Oh and they have plushies galore!!! Love the Bulls-eye, Woody, Minnie, and Daisy ones!!


Also they had the cutest clothes, shoes, slippers,and P.J.s

They had a great selection of Play-sets like Tinkerbell, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Cars, and Monsters Inc. If you are headed to Disneyland or Walt Disney World soon they had the most adorable Minnie suitcase for a little girl or Cars for a boy!

The thing I liked best (all of it) 🙂 was that they had dress up clothes in big kid sizes. Seems like all you can buy outside or Disney Store is sizes 2t-5t… Penny’s has all the way up to 12!

The Disney stores are set to open in October nation wide but if you are in the mall you should give it a peek. See if yours is like mine OPEN!!!

Let me know what you see!

Have a great weekend!