Wow it’s been awhile…..

I’m sorry for the major delay in posts on this blog, I’ve just been so crazy busy all summer.

I just wanted to give you a quick update….

This summer we saw a couple amazing movies, celebrated my birthday, I learned basic cake decorating, and we ordered a new video game! Not super eventful, but we had fun!

We saw Inside Out, & Ant Man!

Inside Out was fantastic! In my opinion one of the best Disney/Pixar movies! I didn’t love it at first and it really has warmed up to me! Wasn’t the short at the beginning just fabulous!

Check out these awesome fantasy pins my friends sent me for my inside out collection!


Ant Man was hilarious and quirky! It was a fun super hero movie and Paul Rudd did a fantastic job! Did you see it yet?

To to celebrate my birthday I had an amazing cake made by my friend Kristal!

Her page on FB is Panda Cakes by Kristal.


Isn’t that amazing!

I’ve also been learning the basics of cake decorating and made this Hippie Mickey cake!


It was a blast to decorate and I had so much fun making little Mickey heads and flowers!

Do you have any Disney games, toys, or movies you are excited for?

My family is anxiously awaiting the new Disney Infinity 3.0! We are huge Star Wars fans and just ordered this!


Do you play Disney Infinity? Who is your fave character?

Then a most recent development has me mostly stuck in bed this week with ice on my tendon. Not sure why but my  achilles tendon has a lump on it and hurts when I put weight on it and walk.


Ouch! So I’ve been staying in bed with ice on it and trying to let it heal. Hopefully I can use this time to do more regular posts.

So that’s been my summer, what have you been up to?

I hope you have a Magical Tuesday & a fantastic rest of your week!

°o° -Chelsea


My Review for Disney’s Tomorrowland


Last night I took my Mini to a special screening of Tomorrowland in IMAX!

My Mickey rating would be: 3.5/ 5 °o°


Tomorrowland is rated PG and I think it would be an ok movie for ages 10+

They use the words damn and hell few times in the movie and there are quite a few action/ fight scenes. There are quite a few human looking robots (called animatronic androids) that get killed or maimed, but because they are robots there is no blood and gore. This might however frighten small children.

The story in my opinion took a very long time to get to the point. I felt like the whole movie was building up for the last 30 minutes. It dragged on a bit to long. There is also a bit of a political agenda ie global warming & over population. So if this might bother you, you might avoid this movie. Many times the main character asks how can we fix these problems and a good solution was never given.

If you are hoping for a large amount of Disney nostalgia this is not your movie. Other than the very brief scene on the It’s a small world ride and the actual Tomorrowland looking similar to the theme park area. These parts are not long at all.

It it was a cute story with a pretty good cast that just fell flat. I’m glad that I didn’t pay full price to see it!

Now the one really good thing I can say is that the visual effects are very well done, and in IMAX it was very enjoyable.

I had hoped to really enjoy this movie, but it’s not in my opinion a big blockbuster. It was a cute movie that would be a good summer rental! Pay the $2-$3 dollars to rent it instead of $7-$14  to see it in theaters.

There is a very quick scene at the end of the credits, but it’s not worth waiting for.

I hope this review helps you and I look forward to reviewing Inside Out next month!

°o° -Chelsea

I’m back!

Alright SWAM fans I’m back!

I took a long hiatus for the holidays and such… I’ve been getting so discouraged with the blog and fb page.

It’s hard for a blogger to not have a lot of followers. I know fb has changed its settings making it harder for people to see pages. So with all of these changes and the lack of blog views I’m just trying to decide if it’s worth the effort anymore.

Basically I’m writing this post to get your opinions and feedback!

Do you enjoy my blog and fb content? What would you like to see?
Please let me know!

I hope you have a magical day!



New Blog Post….. Finally!

Wow guys I’m a horrible blogger!

I had the best intentions when starting this blog and then life got in the way!

So we have been to Disney and are back again! Trip was magical and tons of chaotic fun!

I hadn’t been in 8 years so it was as if I was going for the first time all over again! Squirt and Belle loved the trip! Belle is quite the little thrill seeker, and Squirt stayed back with me and people watched.


The hubby and I were celebrating our Anniversary so we made sure to wear our “Happy Anniversary” buttons. If you happen to go and are celebrating something be sure to wear your celebratory button! You will get tons of greetings and little pixies! I can’t count how many times cast members and guests said Happy Anniversary! We also got yummy cake, cookies, and the grey stuff at various restaurants!


If you have the opportunity to go to Be Our Guest be sure to take it!! It was by far my favorite table service restaurant in the whole park! Food was amazing, atmosphere is the best, and you get the meet the Beast!

Per my request upon entry we were sat in the West Wing! I was told outside that if we requested it our wait could be an additional hour, thankfully that was not the case.



The Ballroom is absolutely gorgeous as well!


My hubby and Belle rode the 7 Dwarfs Mine train and said it was a blast! Belle loved the interactive parts in the queue. Squirt got to meet his idol Woody! He even got his Woody ears signed! Belle got to meet everyone’s favorite Ice Queen and Queen Elsa kissed her forehead!


The Frozen Sing-a-long is not to be missed! We waited 20 mins in the Fastpass line, but it was totally worth it.




Well I could talk about our Disney trip all day long, but I’m sure you all would get tired of reading about it… So I will leave you with these pictures…


Have a Magical day!


County Fair Disney Fun

Friday I took my kiddos to the county fair! It was a hot & fun day! While at the fair I saw lots of homemade Disney Goodies!!

Then Saturday we went to Hallmark to check out new Disney Keepsake ornaments!! So I thought I’d share a few pics with you guys! Be prepared for many Frozen goodies!!

I saw this amazing quilt!


and this adorable kids painting of one of my favorite snowmen!


Loved this awesome drawing! That is one amazingly talented kid!!


How totally adorable is this baby cap!?!


Someone made this awesome Disney picture display board! What a fantastic way to display pictures from an amazing trip!


And lastly this tasty Hidden Mickey!


On to Saturday and the fun Disney Hallmark finds!

My amazing new cup! Do you have a Tervis Tumbler? If not you defiantly should!! They are amazing at keeping your cold drinks cool for a really long time! Love them!!

Here are just a small sampling of the new Disney Keepsake ornaments!! They are so amazing in person!! So detailed!! One of my faves was the Dumbo one it plays Baby your mine!!


20140713-161732-58652217.jpgGo check them out at your nearby Hallmark store!!

Here’s two of the upcoming ornaments that you will want to go in and add to your wish list if you are a Frozen fan!

Olaf comes out on October 7th and Elsa on November 7th!

Well that’s all I have for you for now!!
Hope you have a magical week!!