Magic is….. Getting ready for Disney!!!

Our trip to Disney is a month away!!

Deep breaths….. I am so beyond excited!! This is our kiddos first trip to Disney!!!!! We are also celebrating our anniversary! So this trip is kind of a big deal!

Now I know I haven’t been very diligent in my posts, and for that I am sorry. Between getting ready for our trip, home remodeling, and my hubby’s surgery last month things have been hectic.

I was able to see Guardians of the Galaxy and hope to have a review for it later this week! As for now, onto the Magic is postings….

Magic is….funny memes on the net!

IMG_1258.JPG I love this meme it’s just so silly! Gaston is probably my favorite villain! Who is yours?

Magic is…. Getting great deals at the mall!

I found two of these Ariel totes for the MNSSHP (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party) for Belle & I at Hot topic! They were $3.95 BOGO and I had a 10% off coupon! The amazing Tumbler came from HT as well!

Magic is… Having goofy, Disney potato heads chilling at your house!

I bought these adorable potato heads at Kohls for $12 and they came with the faces and hats to do Mr. Potato head and Jessie!! Yay for coupons and clearance!!! What is your favorite Disney toy?

Magic is growing your own food!

IMG_1256.JPG We started that yummy watermelon from a seedling in our garden! Now I know not everyone can grow their own food, but it’s been an amazing experience for our kids! I can’t wait to show my kids Living on the Land in EPCOT so they can see the foods Disney grows!

I am constantly reminded that Disney magic is all around us! We just have to look for the pixies!

We have so many big things coming up in the SWAM house this month and next so pardon my delays in blog postings! I try to keep this blog up to date for the few who do read it, but as I’m sure you know life has a pesky way of butting in! Please if you enjoy my page and blog, share with your family and friends! It’s very discouraging to lose a like!

I will be doing live Disney posts in 30 days!! I can’t wait to share the magic with you!! It’s been 8 long years since I’ve been “home” and I am so ready!!

For now I will leave you with this quote from Walt Disney


I hope you have a Magical week and I’ll see you real soon! °o°


Magic is…… Take 2

I was planning to make the Magic is post a weekly thing. However i think it’ll be easier if it’s a every two week post 🙂

So onto the magic…..

I celebrated my birthday almost a week ago. We went to the drive in and saw Planes, Million Dollar Arm, & Maleificent! All fantastic movies! Let me know if you want my review on any of these movies!!

When I picked up the mail that day I received an amazing package from my friend Stacy!

My first Magic is picture is my goodies from Stacy!

Two lovely pendants!! One to represent my blog and the other to represent “letting it all go!” I find the Let it Go charm just reminds me to not stress over every little thing!

Stacy’s jewelry is amazingly adorable & meaningful!! She puts her heart into everything she makes!! Go check her stuff out!! (Link to her store at the bottom of this post.)

Magic is finding Mickey in unexpected places….

Like the head of this adorable dragonfly necklace!


Or this cute bath toy!


Or in my morning coffee & a fun book to read to the kiddos!


Magic is in finding great finds at the store! I love shopping for Disney items! When I wear a Disney shirt or earrings or I buy a Disney movie it helps me keep the magic close!

Found some great Disney DVD’s at Target!


I bought these adorable earrings for our upcoming trip!! Picked them up for $18 at Kohls!! They had amazing deals on Disney jewelry!!


Hope you enjoyed this post about Disney finds and magic!

Remember Magic is all around us if we just stop to look!!

Please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or by email to share your Disney magic with me!! I love to see what amazing Disney finds you see!!

Have a Pixie filled week and I’ll see you real soon!!


My pendants from C & S designs!
Link to store:

County Fair Disney Fun

Friday I took my kiddos to the county fair! It was a hot & fun day! While at the fair I saw lots of homemade Disney Goodies!!

Then Saturday we went to Hallmark to check out new Disney Keepsake ornaments!! So I thought I’d share a few pics with you guys! Be prepared for many Frozen goodies!!

I saw this amazing quilt!


and this adorable kids painting of one of my favorite snowmen!


Loved this awesome drawing! That is one amazingly talented kid!!


How totally adorable is this baby cap!?!


Someone made this awesome Disney picture display board! What a fantastic way to display pictures from an amazing trip!


And lastly this tasty Hidden Mickey!


On to Saturday and the fun Disney Hallmark finds!

My amazing new cup! Do you have a Tervis Tumbler? If not you defiantly should!! They are amazing at keeping your cold drinks cool for a really long time! Love them!!

Here are just a small sampling of the new Disney Keepsake ornaments!! They are so amazing in person!! So detailed!! One of my faves was the Dumbo one it plays Baby your mine!!


20140713-161732-58652217.jpgGo check them out at your nearby Hallmark store!!

Here’s two of the upcoming ornaments that you will want to go in and add to your wish list if you are a Frozen fan!

Olaf comes out on October 7th and Elsa on November 7th!

Well that’s all I have for you for now!!
Hope you have a magical week!!

Magic is…..

Chelsea here…..

I’m going to start a Magic is Weekly blog post! This will be a week of pictures or blurbs with a bit of Disney magic combined with my life! Hope you enjoy!

Magic is..
Hidden Mickeys in the Tomato garden!

Magic is….

Two of my favorite things, Disney Vera Bradley & Starbucks Frappucinos!


My Disney Ducks on our Urban homestead! Front and center is Jocelyn, & Jack Jack trying to fly, but realizing he can’t… In the back is Violet, Fix it Felix, Jessie, Blue, & Irene!

Magic is….

Finding Mickey in the pepper garden that some little Mouskateer left behind after watering.

It’s being silly dressing up like two of your favorite characters!! Meet Sulley-Hulk!! Squirt loves dress up!

If you look Magic is everywhere, you just have to take a second to enjoy the pixies hidden through out your day!

Hope you have a magical week!

See ya real soon!

Frozen Movie Night!

I promised you all a Frozen Movie Night ages ago and I had every intention of posting sooner…. but… phone fried and I lost all my pics from this movie night….

I was however able to salvage one picture that I sent to my email before I lost the phone…

Here is the pic of the amazingly easy Frozen dinner I made! 😉


I set the table with a simple, cheap, blue table cloth from party city then sprinkled it with colorful snowflake confetti, & added Frozen themed paper plates & napkins.

After getting that all set up I filled blue solo cups with ice and blue Hawaiian Punch, but you could use Kool-aid! Then I added the finishing touches with Belle’s Frozen character toys..

Our yummy menu-

Frozen Menu
Olaf’s Noses & Snowy Ranch
Sven’s Antlers (Pretzels)
Elsa’s Snowflake Sandwiches
Kristoff’s Icy Blue Punch
Anna’s Sweet Blue Cupcakes

This was probably the easiest menu I’ve ever done! Snowflake sandwiches are a blast to make with the kiddies!

Here’s how-

Make a turkey, Swiss (or other white cheese), & mayo sandwich and use a snowflake cookie cutter to cut it into a snowflake shape! See easy peasy!

After we ate dinner we make snowy popcorn…

FROZEN Confetti Popcorn

A salty sweet popcorn snack/treat
1 large bag Butter Microwave popcorn popped
6 oz blue Candy Melts
Various sprinkles of your choice I used blue and white to keep with the FROZEN theme.
Place popped popcorn in large bowl.
Melt candy melts in a microwave proof bowl until melted (in 20 second intervals stirring in between).
Carefully pour melted candy over popcorn and stir to coat popcorn. Spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sprinkles. Let candy harden and break into pieces!! Enjoy!!

PRecipe from

Then after all the yummy food was either enjoyed or ready to be gobbled up we plopped down in the couch, and watched one of my favorite Disney movies!

I love this flick because it’s more than just your traditional girl meets guy and they fall madly in love movie. I also love the comedic relief Olaf brings, and how could we forget those songs!! Amazing!
Do you have Frozen fever? Are your kids as crazy about this movie as mine are?

After the movie we got out the Frozen story book and read before tucking Squirt & Belle in to dream about icy palaces!

I hope this gives you a nice idea of what you can do for your next Frozen Movie Night!!

Brave Movie Night coming in the next few weeks!!

Have a Magical Day!!


Dining at Disneyland in Anaheim

When you come to Disneyland there are so many options to pick from ranging from the turkey leg to fried chicken, but like most amusement parks the prices tend to be pretty high. Here are a few tips to enjoy dining at Disneyland and get more “Bang for a buck”! These are my family’s favorite locations and some Helpful Tips!


1.       Try to dine with a pass holder. pass holders get a good discount on dining while at the park and can save you a lot of cash. Premium pass holders get 15% off the total bill so that will save you and everyone in your party a lot of money.

2.       Make reservations if at all possible! Disney in Anaheim now takes reservations online. This will be a HUGE time saver instead of waiting in the standby lines for hours. Below you will find the direct links on the Disney website where you can make the online reservations and a map of the location in Disneyland.

·         Thunder Ranch BBQ

Image– This is an all you can eat type place and offers all kinds of mouthwatering food from smoked sausage, corn on the cob, homemade cornbread, baked beans and more!

Pass holders can use their food discount here. You can make the reservations at . CLICK HERE to see the menu.

·         Blue Bayou Restaurant

Image– This is a cozy Cajun themed location with some awesome down south type cooking. This is also a fantastic place to have a romantic meal after a fun filled day at the park. Pass holders can use their food discount here. You can make the reservations at HERE to view the menu.

·         Plaza Inn

Image – Victorian type location with buffet style dining. Also if the buffet style isn’t for you the fried chicken, pot roast and Penne Pasta with Chicken, Pesto in Alfredo sauce is to die for! In the mornings you can have the “Character Breakfast” and dine with Mickey and friends. It’s a GREAT way to start your day at the park! You can make the reservations at HERE to view the menu.


Hope you enjoyed my first Disneyland post!