Movie Night with a Frog


Last weekend we had a Mardi Gras/ Princess and the Frog movie night!

It was a total blast! Squirt and Belle loved the beads,masks and of course the Mickey Beignets!


We didn’t do a craft, but we did photo ops with masks!

Belle wore her’s the entire movie and as a result her face was dyed pink. 😮

I made yummy Mickey beignets with a dusting of powdered sugar which we ended up eating for breakfast the next day, because we were so full from our cajun feast!


I didn’t want to spend all day cooking Cajun food properly so instead I went to a local eatery and picked up some carryout! Next time I think I’ll make some Zatarains Jambalaya with smoked sausage!

A fun craft you could do would be to make Mardi Gras mask! Use a fun template and cut it out then used glitter, glue and feathers to decorate!

We really enjoyed watching the movie again and were singing “Down in New Orleans” all day the next day!

Right now is the perfect time to get Mardi Gras decor since it’s right around the corner! I got all the plates, masks, table decor, and beads for around $8 at the Dollar Tree! I even have plates leftover for the next time we watch this movie!


Well that’s all I have for you this week! I hope you enjoyed this movie night!

Please tell me what movie you’d like to see featured here next, Brave or Wreck it Ralph!

Faith Trust & Pixie Dust!



Monsters University Movie Night!

I had quite a few request for another movie night! So here goes..Last night we had a movie night and we watched Monsters University!


We started off with a monster sized dinner-

Image Image

Let me start by saying there were a whole lot of leftovers! The Sulley Horns aka bananas aren’t pictured but Belle and Squirt enjoyed them with their dinners!

After dinner we had fun coloring!


You could also make Monster masks out of construction paper!

I wanted to create our own pennant flags but ran out of time to gather the supplies.


Belle and Squirt loved the movie as they haven’t seen it since it was in theaters and I had forgotten how funny it was!

Next week we’ll be doing another movie night, and I’m trying to decide between a Mardi Gras/ Princess and the Frog themed one or a Wreck it Ralph one! Would love to know what movie’s you’d like me to do!

Until next time- Have a Pixie Dust Filled Day! Also Thank you very much for all the pixies and prayers with the loss of my Grandmother! I really appreciate all the love and support my amazing Disney Friends have given me!



Just wanted to post on here what some of you already know..

If you follow my facebook page then you know my Grandmother just passed..Due to that and this busy season I won’t be posting any new blog post till the beginning of January.

Thanks for understanding.Image

Started with a Mouse’s Christmas Shopping Guide

Hey SWAM fans!

So I  was thinking with Christmas just around the corner it might be nice to have a shopping guide!

I LOVE to shop small, so here is a list of some small businesses for you to shop from this Christmas!

1. Beyond Cute Boutique 

Adorable ornaments!

Adorable ornaments!

Anna makes necklaces, key chains, and ornaments that you can have personalized! I love her stuff! Amazing quality and she is a bit of a perfectionist 😉 So you know the attention to detail will be there!

Adorable Disney Frozen necklaces!

Adorable Disney Frozen necklaces!

You can check out more of Anna’s amazing creations here:

2. Discovering the Magic Kingdom: An Unofficial Disneyland Vacation Guide

Look at that cover!

Look at that cover!

Josh is a hilarious &  knowledgeable guy! He is full of all kinds of Disney fun facts!

His book is as much a fun facts books as it is a guide book, and best of all he live close to Disneyland so he can give you up to date information on all things Disneyland!

Book Description:

Never before has there been such a complete DISNEYLAND guide book for kids (and parents) of all ages. Whether it’s your first time or your family’s annual trip, this vacation guide has it all!

With over a thousand exciting “fun facts” in this one-of-a-kind Discovering the Magic Kingdom: An Unofficial Disneyland Vacation Guide , the learning never stops. Packed with over 100 photos, trivia, a scavenger hunt, ways to help cut park expenses and so much more, you’ll never leave for Disneyland without it.

About the Author: (From Author’s site):

First time published author, Joshua Shaffer, has spent his adult life frequenting Disneyland.

One year while on a Disney vacation, it struck him that he should write an all inclusive book compiling every bit of information into one vacation guide that cannot be found anywhere else. It started with that simple notion and has evolved into this final work.

As a hobby he spends much of his spare time researching and investigating to find out the facts not just the rumors on a variety of topics. Joshua has been a cartoonist and artist since the age of ten.

You can find the book here:

3. SimplyMade Greetings

Do you still need Christmas cards?

Are you looking for wall art?

Then Miriah is your gal!

She makes the most adorable cards, wall art, invitations, and custom cover photos for your facebook!

All her pieces have that adorable homemade touch!

Pre-made card

Pre-made card

Love the Christmas card about with Mickey,Minnie and Donald!

Sweet Card

Sweet Card

Miriah is a single mom with a full time job who still manages to put a whole lot of love into every card she makes! When you shop in her store you are helping her provide a better life for her little girl!

Check her other amazing products here:

4. Bebelambs

Lynn over at Bebelambs makes the cutest boutique clothes for your little lambs!

Lynn is a Mom of 7 little lambs and a busy one at that! She has a heart of gold and makes the most adorable kids clothing!

My little Belle in her Bebelambs dress!

My little Belle in her Bebelambs dress!

Above is my girl Belle in her Bebelambs dress! She loves it!

1006074_603597496357303_1867751576_n1240110_596942683689451_166190560_nMore of Lynn’s lovely creations!

You can find all of Lynn’s beauties here:

5. BeadforLife

The only non- Disney shop on the list…

I like to include at least one company that gives back in my list of amazing companies to support!

Bead for Life is AMAZING!!


Decription of BeadforLife (from the fb page)

BeadforLife is a nonprofit organization that helps Ugandan women turn recycled paper into beautiful beaded jewelry. We work to eradicate extreme poverty and create bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens.

Sweet Bangles!

Sweet Bangles!

Beadforlife makes the prettiest bangles,earrings, & necklaces, with grace and simplicity!

They also sell Shea products!


Above is just some of my personal collection! Each of these beauties only costs $5! They would make great stocking stuffers & it’s a gift that gives back!

You can find Beadforlife products here:

Lovely ornament from Beadforlife!

Lovely ornament from Beadforlife

Shea Butter Products

Shea Butter Products

So here it is Chelsea’s SWAM Christmas buying guide!! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A Disney Halloween!

So Halloween 2013 has come and gone… It’s time to get rev’d up for the Christmas season!  I love the time between October 21st- Jan 4th is such a fun and magical time! Time with family, good food, and so much fun decorating! So back to Halloween! I thought I’d share a pic from this evening with you!

We made Grandma’s house our first visit and then while driving we saw an entire family dressed as Star Wars characters! They were a very large group and covered almost all the main characters from the 3 original movies! It was pretty impressive.

Then we finished the night with $3 Booritos from Chipotle Mexican Grill!! We had to end the night early because Belle had a spelling test the next day. Check out who we ran into at Chipotle, it’s Elastigirl!! I thought this lady’s costume was so well done I asked her if I could snap a picture and post it on the blog. She told me that the costume is homemade!! She was super friendly and talked with Belle for a minute while we waited in line. Belle told her she loved her Incredibles costume and she smiled and replied “Well you make a pretty cute Minnie Mouse!” It’s nice when people take the time to have simple conversations with children makes me happy! 🙂



All in all it was a pretty good day! Made even better because I got to spend it with my three favorite people! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! What did you or your crew dress as?

Have a great Weekend! -Chelsea

Disney Store in JC Penny!!


JC Penny now has an exclusive Disney section/store!! They will have adorable Disney merchandise similar to the Disney Store but for a little bit less dough 🙂 Are you jumping up and down yet?? They had a dress up section with many of your favorite characters like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel! As well as Anna from Frozen the new Disney animated feature coming out in November! For the boys in your life they had Buzz and Woody dress up! I’m sure more will come the area is brand new and unfinished now…



Pardon the slightly blurry second photo but my baby Squirt bumped into me while I took the pic.. 😀

Oh and they have plushies galore!!! Love the Bulls-eye, Woody, Minnie, and Daisy ones!!


Also they had the cutest clothes, shoes, slippers,and P.J.s

They had a great selection of Play-sets like Tinkerbell, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Cars, and Monsters Inc. If you are headed to Disneyland or Walt Disney World soon they had the most adorable Minnie suitcase for a little girl or Cars for a boy!

The thing I liked best (all of it) 🙂 was that they had dress up clothes in big kid sizes. Seems like all you can buy outside or Disney Store is sizes 2t-5t… Penny’s has all the way up to 12!

The Disney stores are set to open in October nation wide but if you are in the mall you should give it a peek. See if yours is like mine OPEN!!!

Let me know what you see!

Have a great weekend!


Sorry I’ve been away…Pins, Pins, Pins!

Hey SWAM fans sorry I haven’t done many blog posts but Squirt has been sick..and things have been hectic. He’s on the mend now and I’d like to share a bit of Disney with you!

So I was wondering do you collect pins?

Just a few of my fave pins

Just a few of my fave pins

Those are just a few of my small collection. I am planning out a new way to display these lovely little things. They are to pretty not to display! I’m thinking a cork board with some Mickey border…Stay tuned I’ll be working on it over the next few weeks.

Do you trade pins in the parks or do you just buy the ones you like?

I haven’t had the pleasure of trading yet. The last time I was in Disney I didn’t even know what pin trading was, lol 🙂 Crazy Right?

I did buy my first pin though the Sorcerer Mickey in the above photo. I don’t think I could ever trade it! I hope to get both Squirt and Belle into Pin Trading when we go next year! Any tips?

Here are a few more of my faves from my collection….

Lion King Pins from Disney Movie Rewards.

Lion King Pins from Disney Movie Rewards.

Classic Minnie

Classic Minnie

Those are just a sampling of mine and  I’d love to see yours feel free to connect with me on my facebook page htt://

Well I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my Disney pin collection!

Have a Magical Week! ~Chelsea